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Here’s a few thoughts, notes and ideas collected from various trainers, experts and resources over the past few years. Maybe there’s an idea in this blog you can use to meet your own goals, incorporate into your daily routine or dispel a diet and/or fitness myth. Consult with your fitness trainers, boot camp members, and other resources to motivate and enhance results.

Here’s a short list of notes:

  • Bootcamp/cross-fit 3-4x/wk
  • Bodypump/weight-lifting 3x/wk
  • Abs& Core 4x/wk
  • Cardio- spinning, swimming, rowing machine, sprints, basketball, jump rope 2x/wk
  • Yoga & Pilates 1x/wk
  • …but don’t over-train!
  • 1/day multi-vitamin (essential)
  • Fish and/or Krill oil (essential)
  • CoQ10 (Ubiquinol/antioxidant)
  • B-complex
  • Alpha Lipolic Acid (great antioxidant! Reduces internal inflammation)
  • Glucosamine
  • Magnesium
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin D (when not enough sun)
  • Vitamin C (Dr. Oz recommends 1000mg/day to ward off illness; Dr. Klapper says Vitamin C will help repair micro tears in ligaments)
  • Protein powder (Isolate is best, for muscle building)
  • Glutamine (muscle repair)
  • Creatine (energy for muscles)
  • CLA (fat reducer)
  • BCAA (for muscle recovery)
  • If you need an extra boost prior to workout, take Nitric Oxide “NO3”
  • Healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, peanut butter)
  • Complex carbs (sweet potato, brown rice, brown rice pasta, oatmeal, barley)
  • Protein (eggs, chicken, fish, protein shakes, flax and/or almond milk)
  • Juicing!! (kale, spinach, broccoli, califlower, cucumber, tomato, beets, ginger, tumeric, fruits, green/maca powder)
  • Reduce insulin – Vinegar, lemon, lemonade, pickled veggies
  • Reduce dairy products, and non-fat/low-fat milk due to the sugar; causes water retention. Dr Oz recommends Greek Yogurt in the morning, but all brands have a lot of sugar; replace milk with Almond milk
  • Reduce sodium
  • Eliminate soy-anything
  • Take-in a slow digesting protein at night before bed (casein protein)
  • Food synergy (food pairing) makes food work/digest better
  • Food hypnosis (reduce cravings)
  • Replace trigger foods with super foods
  • Rooibos & green tea (Dr. Oz recommends)
  • Vanilla aroma reduces sugar cravings
  • No (or at least minimize) sugar (simple carbs), bread, dairy or chocolate (75%+ dark chocolate ok)
  • Cheat day is ok every 7-10 days…eat what you want, one day of bad eating won’t hurt you
  • Check the glycemic food  index…eggs are best!
  • Visit/talk to a “Nutritionist”
  • Get a work out partner
  • Keep a workout log
  • Create incentives & goals
  • Work extra on weak areas
  • 5 small meals/day, bring food & snacks…keep the metabolism going; don’t starve
  • BCAAs during workout
  • Recovery drink after workout
  • Read fitness mags & blogs
  • Mix up routine every few months
  • Muscle “time under tension” is what builds muscles
  • Reduce stress & cortisol levels- relora, aromatherapy, tart cherry juice/melatonin, MTC, CLA (Dr Oz)
  • Get plenty of rest/sleep…muscle building happens at night when resting (and don’t block and/or limit the muscle building by eating sugar/bad carbs before bedtime!)
Healthy living “short list”:
  • diet/whole foods, weight-lifting, cardio, abs/core, yoga/stretching, vitamins & supplements
  • education, reading, collaboration
  • Lifestyle change
Resources & Websites:

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