Natural Remedies

Natural remedies, from Dr. Oz.

“Five Fixes for Your Five Big Health Complaints”
Airdate January 20, 2014

I enjoyed today’s episode of Dr. Oz! He gives us a lot of great medical advice to cure ailments, and sometimes, the answer is so simple. For the five most common complaints he hears, he provides five natural solutions and remedies.

I had to relay this great information to you:

  1. PAIN: ARNICA – mountain flower that contains properties that fights inflammation. Works as good as ibuprofen. Applied as a gel on skin, massage in, 3x/day. $8 tube. Don’t put on a cut or break in skin.
  2. IMMUNITY: BLACK ELDERBERRY (sambuca eldess) Immunity booster. It’s an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, flu-buster. “If you have mucus, take sambucas”. Syrup form. $12/bottle. Put in a hot drink. two teaspoons 3x/day.
  3. UPSET STOMACH: GINGER TEA- ginger root in tea, or tea bags. anti-inflammatory, speeds up digestion in stomach.
  4. SLEEP: PUMPKIN SEED- Powder form. Seed contains zinc and tryptophan. Slowly released, zinc converts tryptophan into serotonin which calms the brain. 1 pound bag $10. 1-2 teaspoons in warm milk (plus maybe a little sugar) before bed.
  5. STRESS: YOGA- calm down the nervous system. combine with deep breathing. once or twice per day. 5 minutes is good enough. See my Yoga page for more resources (my resources are local to Newport Beach California, but Yoga is everywhere…do it!)

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