Agave Nectar is Bad for You

I was doing a little research on Raw Coconut Nectar for my new Bee Pollen energy boost smoothie , and I found this great post on Agave Nectar. I wasn’t sure why Kimberly Synder of Glow Bio did not like Agave Nectar in her smoothie recipes, but I do now. It’s just high-fructose corn syrup, only worse! Here’s the a re-post of what I found on the Raw Vegan Living site ( (And I even learned something good about “date syrup”.)

Read a comparison of Agave v Coconut nectar: the secret truth

You probably heard about agave nectar, right? It’s mostly used by all these raw vegans as a “natural” sweetness to foods. But did you know that agave nectar isn’t what it seems to be? There’s a dirty little dark side secret behind “raw agave nectar” that most of you don’t know. Let me explain to you the dangers of agave nectar and why your favourite sweetness isn’t safe and not really healthy. Let’s also compare agave with coconut nectar. I will discuss both in this article.


Agave is a succulent plant with rosettes of narrow spiny leaves with tall flower spikes. It almost looks similar to Aloe Vera and a cactus. The sweetener is made from the juice of the agave. The agave plant grows in the deserts of Mexico. Some people prefer the taste of agave over honey. The agave nectar (aka syrup) is heated up into a sugar. They claim the nectar to be “raw” when labeling tricking people into thinking it’s an all natural, healthy, raw sweetener.


Agave Nectar is a scam for a few reasons. It isn’t what they claim it to be because it isn’t really, truly raw. Agave nectar is highly processed and contains more fructose than high fructose corn syrup! The agave is hydrolyzed at temperatures up to 140 F. for 36 hours, which making the end product containing 95% fructose. High fructose content (which is found in agave) can cause obesity, damage to the liver, diabetes, high glycemic (but wait, they “claim” to be low in glycemic….. Hmmm), and high in blood pressure (they also claim to be low in blood pressure, too. Lies). Pretty much the same dangers and health risks of high fructose corn syrup! Agave nectar is actually the same, but worse! So therefore, agave nectar (raw, organic) is NOT HEALTHY. If you don’t believe me, you should really start researching and educating yourself about the truth of agave nectar. Then you’ll realize, I’m not lying. Believe or not, all this is real, true facts, folks.


Coconut nectar comes from the coconut tree. The process is a bit similar to maple syrup. The only difference is that maple syrup is highly processed . The coconut tree is tapped and produces a nutrient rich “sap” that exudes from the coconut blossom. The sap is an abundant source of minerals, 17 amino acids, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and a neutral pH. The sap is not processed, which is the number one reason it is better than most of these raw sweeteners. The best brand of coconut nectar is Coconut Secret.

WHAT IS COCONUT SUGAR: coconut crystals


Coconut nectar is not only delicious, it’s super healthy for you, too. It’s 100% organic, enzymatically alive meaning it’s 100% raw, vegan, fat-free, low glycemic, guilt free, non-GMO, and gluten free. This nectar is great for those who are diabetic. Coconut nectar is truly delicious, pure, and 100% true in facts such as raw, organic and low glycemic. It adds a great addition to cereals, pancakes, waffles, French toast, raw desserts, teas, and anything else you’d like to sweeten up. This coconut nectar is epic and will not cause you health problems in the future. The nectar doesn’t have that coconutty taste. Learn more about Coconut Secret.

• It is similar to high fructose corn syrup, but worse because agave is high in fructose
• can cause obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disorder, and heart disease
• highly processed
• not really raw
• high in glycemic (contains half of the glycemic index in sugar)
• high blood pressure
• a scam
• does bad to your body
• bad for diabetics
• can cause mineral deficiency
• weakens the bones
• may cause hair and teeth loss
• and no true good benefits really =(

Agave, you sound deadly and scary. But it IS the TRUTH, people.

Maple syrup is not either. It can lead to obesity and other risky health risks! Just Google “the dangers of maple syrup” and you’ll find lots of info about Mr. Maple Syrup.

• BEATS any other nectar and sweetener out there like agave, maple, yacon, stevia and of course all cheap sugars (besides coconut sugar… that’s not cheap sugar, anyways).
• it is more nutritious than agave! (HAH take that agave)
• 100% raw – enzymatically alive
• 100% organic
• vegan
• fat-free
• guilt-free
• non-gmo
• gluten-free
• low glycemic (contains 10% fructose)
• neutral pH
• will not cause obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, or liver disorder
• this is the TRUTH!
• does great to your body
• not highly processed
• it’s a full pack epic nectar- containing 17 amino acids
• contains enough sweetness that will satisfy that craving sweet tooth! (plus, it doesn’t have that coconutty flavor)
• high in vitamins & minerals
• coconut sugar contains healing properties; lowers high glucose, prevents the risk of cancer, great for those who are diabetic & over-weight, etc!
• an A+ for the coconut sugar: you don’t feel sick, tired, hyper {no sugar rush! Hmm… that’s rare after you eat sugar – not with coconut sugar!} and any other side effects you would get when you eat sugar!
• It’s the BEST!!
• and 100% TRUE!! =)
~ basically, all the wonderful health benefits that coconuts contain – the coconut sugar and the nectar contains it, as well. Of course, why wouldn’t it? They are both coming from coconuts.

Wow. Doesn’t that sound 100% RAWSOME?! I think it does:)

So which one sweetener/nectar will you choose: agave or coconut? I recommend using coconut nectar, due to all the great health benefits it has. Yes, I too was shocked at how agave nectar isn’t really healthy. I most certainly do not recommend incorporating agave nectar in your diet. Coconut nectar is the truth… however – coconut nectar isn’t the BEST raw sweetener to use, because it’s refined.

If you want the best, I’d suggest using date syrup. It’s so easy to make; it’s the healthiest of ALL sweeteners.

When I heard almost all these raw and vegans use agave, I was excited to try and use it for the first time. But then I started researching and educating myself on agave and learned so much on how unhealthy it is. Just because labeling says, “low in glycemic”, “low in blood pressure”, etc., they aren’t telling the truth. Just do your own research and see for yourself. Then hopefully, you’ll be amazed too.

Don’t be fooled about agave nectar. It is NOT natural, nor healthy. If I were you, I would go with coconut nectar all the way! Well, I sure hope you learned something new in this article. Spread the word if you can. Agave is a big fat NO NO!

My Thoughts & Feelings:
After reading this post, some people will still leave and believe that agave is healthy. It really irks me when people say that “agave nectar is healthy”, even though they read this post. I’ve heard some say that it saddens them that ‘agave is poison’. Some may not like or appreciate this post because I really expose agave badly! This is TRUE research facts. If the truth saddens you, then you can’t seem to handle the truth! Another thing that irks me is when people know that agave is bad and unhealthy, but yet they give people the option to choose their sweetener such as agave and maple syrup. Okay, I understand that it’s great to give people the option to choose their sweeteners, but why would you give them the option to choose a bad, unhealthy, poisoning sweetener?! It’s like giving people the option to choose sugar (which is horribly bad) and agave (which is identical to high fructose corn syrup! yeah, you tell me that’s not poisoning.) Basically, it’s like giving people the option to choose their poisoning sweetener of choice! Often times I ask them, “if you know agave is bad, why do you recommend it to others”? They reply, “I like to give people the option to choose what they want and prefer.”

If you had to choose between agave over coconut nectar, choose coconut nectar. If you had to choose between white and/or brown sugar over coconut sugar, choose coconut sugar, as it’s way healthier. But to be honest (the bottom line is), I don’t recommend coconut sugar and I don’t recommend coconut nectar, as it’s both refined sugars. The best sugars are dried fruits, such as dates.

The part I don’t understand is, why give people the option to choose something that’s bad, when you have other better alternatives. When it comes to recommending things to others, don’t recommend them something that’s poison and unhealthy; if people want to choose the poison, unhealthy option, that’s on them. At least you didn’t recommend it to them. This topic is really, really deep. I am not exaggerating when I say agave is poison and all. It’s true! People love their agave and maple syrup so much, it’s hard for them to let it go and heard for them to believe their favorite sweetener is causing so many bad health issues. Oh, and another thing I hear them say is, “eat it in moderation, you’ll be fine”! Like seriously?! No! Not even in moderation; it’s NOT GOOD FOR YOU!! It’s like saying, “I know sugar isn’t good for me, but it’s okay to eat to eat it in moderation.” “Oh, I know this drug is bad for me (smoking, etc.) but it’s okay if I do it in moderation.” See my point… I hope. Go do yourselves a favor – do your own research before you go talking about agave and any topic.

Do Your Own Research! Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself on Google. Maybe then you’ll believe – See more at:


Raw Vegan Living (great info for vegan “foodists”):


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