Stress and Weight Gain

Hi. There’s a great resource I follow by Dennis Heenan, called

Recently, he posted some information regarding “stress and weight gain.”  I’m a firm believer that stress can lead to weight gain (and block weight loss), because it raises insulin levels in the body.  Steve Hochman at FitBody Boot Camp, constantly reminds us that insulin causes fat retention. So, in addition to eliminating bad carbs, high-glycemic foods, cut out the stress…if you can.

Read more from Dennis at:

And check out Dennis’ great workouts while you are there! He’s got lots of great information, links and workout advice that you can use. If you get on his mailing list, you’ll get even more information and inspiration. 


One thought on “Stress and Weight Gain

  1. One more thought on stress…
    Last month, I had a lot of stress, and as a result I got a bad case of hives. The doctor said it definitely was related to stress (he ruled out allergic reactions), and explained it this way…when you have a lot of stress the adrenaline builds up. Typically the adrenaline is used up during the stressful situation, but after it passes, the adrenaline continues to build, eventually coming to the surface as hives, and in waves. I was so itchy, I couldn’t function for two days. He prescribed Benadryl and antihistamine. I was fine the next day. Just wanted you to know.

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