Why you can’t get lean with insulin in your blood stream

I’ve posted a lot of information and references regarding insulin and fat loss, and here’s another great contribution by
Steve at OC Fit Body Bootcamp
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I keep telling you that no matter how much you workout
or “diet” you will FAIL to get as LEAN as YOU really
want to be if you don’t control your insulin levels.

Well I though you should know how your body REALLY
works because no one else really seems to talk about
the REAL issue.

See full article here or read the summary below.

When you eat a candy bar or a high glycemic meal, the presence
of glucose, amino acids or fatty acids in the intestine stimulates
the pancreas to secrete a hormone called insulin.

Insulin acts on many cells in your body, especially those in the
liver, muscle and fat tissue. Insulin tells the cells to do the

  • Absorb glucose, fatty acids and amino acids
  • Stop breaking down glucose, fatty acids and
    amino acids; glycogen into glucose; fats into
    fatty acids and glycerol; and proteins into amino acids
  • Start building glycogen from glucose; fats (triglycerides)
    from glycerol and fatty acids; and proteins from amino acids

The activity of lipoprotein lipases depends upon the levels of
insulin in the body. If insulin is high, then the lipases are highly
active; if insulin is low, the lipases are inactive.

The fatty acids are then absorbed from the blood into fat cells,
muscle cells and liver cells. In these cells, under stimulation by
insulin, fatty acids are made into fat molecules and stored
as fat droplets.

Read the full article here.

(How Stuff Works: Fat Cells)


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