The Paleo Diet By Ryan Mace

Here’s a great blog article I found by Ryan Mace, explaining the Paleo diet, something that I tend to believe in and follow. Enjoy! -Mike

Ryan Mace

Over recent years the Paleo Diet has gained significant momentum and interest in the health community. And like with most fad diets, there is always a great debate amongst experts as to their effectiveness and safety. To date, the Paleo Diet has not disappointed in this regards.

The philosophy of the Paleo Diet is based upon our ancestors’ dietary habits during Paleolithic times which date back approximately 750,000 to 15,000 years ago. Depending upon which variation of the Paleo Diet you study, you will be told that the dietary habits of our ancestors featured either:

  • Low to moderate amounts of animal protein combined with an abundance of plant-based foods.
  • Or, high amounts of animal based protein with low to moderate amounts of fresh plant-based foods.

The public’s curiosity surrounding the Paleo Diet has propelled it to one the most searched diets on the internet during 2013.   However, the attention it…

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