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I listed great resources for:

  • Kinetic/TheZone in Newport Beach
  • Yoga with Juris & Radiant Hot Yoga
  • Dr. OZ
  • Dr. Klapper, MD
  • Juicing with Drew (Facebook)
  • The Flexi Foodie, Julie Montagu
  • Pamina Bartow Chef/Nutritionist
  • Nutrition 101 by Metagenics

3 thoughts on “Blogging Topics

  1. There is a secret that the big food companies don’t want you to know about when it comes to weight loss.

    And this secret may be the reason you have never been able to lose weight in the past.

    It’s the reason why some people stay the way they are and can never lose their dreaded belly, butt or thigh fat.

    And that reason is Carbohydrates.

    Carbohydrates may be the reason you have struggled to lose weight in the past.

    It’s not your genetics, your overactive thyroid or even your cravings to junk food…. Carbs are possibly to blame. Not you.

    So why are carbohydrates the enemy?

    Without getting too detailed, through my reading I discovered that certain carbohydrates contain high levels of glucose which are the main driver of insulin which in turn drives increased fat storage.

    Basically what happens is that when your body’s glucose levels remain high, fatty acids will not be released into the blood stream and will instead be stored as fat.

    So if you eat a diet that has a lot of high glycemic carbohydrates – your blood sugar will be rise forcing your body to store fat as opposed to burn it.

  2. Juicing!! I started juicing in January 2013 (a new year’s resolution), and I lost a quick 5 pounds by mid-January. Plus, juicing unlocks the nutrients of superfoods at the cellular level, so it’s even better for you than just eating good raw food. I did a lot of research on the various types, recipes and benefits. There’s juicers that extract pure juice, and there’s juicers that keep the pulp. I started with a NutriBullet, but later in the year I added a Brevel to the program. For pure juicing I like the Brevel. It extracts more juice than the comparable Jack La Lane model, and it’s easy to clean (very important feature!). I like the NutriBullet as a “meal replacement” juice mixer. I use the remaining pulp from the Brevel and put it into my NutriBullet, add some walnuts, protein powder, chia seed and/or flax seed, plus blueberries, and that’s my lunch…fills me up with good nutrients and saves money!

    I added some additional information on juicing in the Diet & Food page. Feel free to comment, or chat with me at the gym.

    After 1 year of juicing I got down to 6% bodyfat. Remember, don’t put too many fruits in your juice…3:1 veggies to fruits ratio.

    • Today on the Dr. Oz show, they showed a great “anti-bloat elixir”!

      1 cup coconut water
      1 tbsp psyllium (fiber)
      1 tbsp acacia powder (more fiber)
      1/2 cup pineapple
      1/2 cup papaya
      1 handful of spinach, or kale
      some ice

      10 grams of fiber, towards your 25 minimum grams of fiber requirement per day. The fiber will really clean you out first thing in the morning, reduce the bloat, it’s filling, and it tastes great. Enjoy!

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