Bootcamp, TRX & HIIT

Fall 2017:  The Zone

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I train in the Zone!

I’ve been dong the Zone workouts for the past 4 months, and I love it!  Zone workouts are 45 minutes of high-intensity (HIIT) circuits that change everyday. and are designed to work every muscle during the week. Burn 500–1000 calories during each of heart-rate monitored, team-based classes using highly-varied functional training equipment like ropes, TRX®, boxing, rowing, kettlebells and more. Designed to make the best use of time and effort, it’s the most efficient, results-based workout.  I always wear my heart-monitor, so I always know my heart-rate, calories burned, etc.

And to complement functional training classes, they also offer indoor cycling, heavy bag boxing and yoga classes. Conveniently located across the street from Fashion Island in KINETIC at Newport Center.

Popular classes

  • Zone Arena (HIIT)
  • Heavy Bag Boxing
  • Zone Cycle (Spin)
  • Zone Arena Express (a 30 minute class at lunchtime…fast-paced!)

i enjoy joy all the workouts, but the Fusion class (1/2 hour of cycle combined with 1/2 hour of core) is one of my favorites.

The Zone is having an 8-week “body transformation” challenge from March through April…with prizes. Awesome…of course, I’m in it.

Here’s a posting of my workout calendars, as recorded by my heart monitor
(a colored dot = a workout day…currently 147 consecutive days)


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