For Spring 2017 I’m trying out a new bootcamp in my neighborhood: Burn Bootcamp

Burn workouts are 45 minutes of high-intensity (HIIT) circuits that change everyday. and are designed to work every muscle during the week. The trainers, Brittney and Jeff, are two of the best I’ve seen, and they will make you sweat…and get in shape!  During the month of April we are doing the “Commit2Fit” challenge.  I plan on going 6 days/wk all month! …that should get me “beach-ready”.

I especially like the raised, cushioned workout floor, the large set of dumbbells and wide variety of equipment. Plus, it’s hardly ever crowded, even at rush hour. On a side note, guys are only allowed at the 5:30 & 6:30 CO-ED sessions during the week. It’s mostly a gym for women and moms, but they have a great child-care room, if you need it…a nice service.

Burn has a deal with Nutrishop in Costa Mesa, if you mention “Burn” you will get a discount. Nutrishop will also do a free body fat analysis.

Burn is also sponsoring the Costa Mesa Community run on April 22nd, and if you mention “Burn” you get $20 off the fee. Jeff will be leading the 5K, so all Burn members are encouraged to sign-up and run the race together.



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