2017 liver and candida detox…contributed by Charlane…

I am doing a liver detox and candida cleanse.  Doing cleanse for 4 or 5 days.  No sugar, period, not even natural sugars…sugar feeds candida, and that’s bad.   I am going into a pretty strict regimen after that to make sure I get all the candida out, followed by another cleanse.

Try Mothers Market, Whole Foods or your favorite health food store to obtain the ingredients shown below.

First, make  a pot of organic vegetable broth. Don’t use any starchy veggies.  Use filtered water if possible, and fill a big pot.

  • 1/2 stalk celery w tops
  • Small bunch kale
  • Small bunch of big leaf spinach
  • 2 brown onions
  • 3 cloves garlic, bruised not peeled
  • 2 bay leaves
  • One sprig fresh basil
  • Fresh and dried lemon and thyme
  • Cheyenne (this is important)
  • Himalayan or Celtic salt
  • Herbs to taste

Bring to boil and simmer till it tastes good

Strain out all veggies and refrigerate broth.

Ps I simmered my broth for a few hours added more greens as the others boiled down.

Eat a big cup for lunch and dinner.


Before eating any broth or smoothie take 15ml fermented probiotic.

Untitled picture

Untitled picture2.jpg


Menu for 4 days:

At waking:  1 cup warm water and 1/4 lemon juice

Breakfast: whey concentrate (shown below) with liver detox, candida detox, hemp oil (15 drops), and flax oil tsp. No solids

Lunch and Dinner: broth and smoothie

Water with lemon or lime or plain through the the day

Occasional coconut water

Whey Protein mix:

Untitled picture3.jpg

Untitled picture4.jpg


The whey protein concentrate shown above is organic and from New Zealand which has very high agriculture practices. Substitute your favorite whey.





2016 spring detox…The plan was to take 1 detox pill in the morning and 1 in the evening before bed each day during the first week, then increase to two pills in the morning and two in the evening during the second week, and then 3 pills in the morning and evening. By the end of three weeks, I shed a lot of water weight.

The pills are an easy way to do a detox without getting over-whelmed with ingredients and timing. The label on the bottle just says “Detox”…plain and simple.  In the past, doing a detox has definitely worked, and I lost some water-weight every time. The first time, my stomach felt like it was “upset” most of the day, especially when I got up to 6 pills per day. This time around, I don’t feel any discomfort…yet.

Dr. Oz on Detox

Awhile back, I watched a great Dr Oz episode on “cleansing & detoxing”, that’s worth sharing. If you want a good, quick overview of detoxing, read my summary below, and find out which of the three “cleanses” will get the best results for your body type:

  • liquid cleanse
  • vegan cleanse
  • gut flush

(“Cleansing and Detoxing”, Dr. Oz show, air date January 27, 2014. See for more information, or

Cleanses and Detoxes are the biggest thing to hit the diet world in ten years, according to Dr. Oz.  They claim to rid your body of toxins and excess weight, and a way to get healthy. There are hundreds of cleanses out there on the market, but not all are effective for every body type. The trick is to knowing which detox is best for you…it depends on how you eat.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger (detox expert, discuss three types of detox plans, based on three classic body types. Dr. Jungere says there’s a big difference in the types of cleansing programs on the market, and some of them are merely starvation programs that do not put your body in detox mode.

Cleanse #1 for Body Type: Fat all over due to too much processed food

The “Liquid Cleanse” is best for the “fat-all-over” body type. If you’re sluggish and reliant on processed food, this liquid cleanse will give your digestive system a rest and allow your body to go deeper into cleanse mode.

Clues for this body type/cleanse program:

  1. you love frozen or boxed meals
  2. you eat packaged diet foods
  3. you stock up on packaged snacks
  4. you use a lot of canned soups and sauce from a jar
  5. you gained more than 5 pounds in the last year
  6. you get tired in the afternoon

The goal of an all-liquid cleanse is to target the liver so it can properly detox toxins stored in your fat cells. This cleanse may also help rev your metabolism and boost your energy. Note: liquid cleanses are the most intensive, and they release and flush out the most toxins. Also avoid starvation & excessive hunger.

Liquid Cleanse


Basic Structure
Length: 3 days

Breakfast: Liquid meal: shake (with coconut milk and 20 grams plant protein powder)
Lunch: Liquid meal: shake (with coconut water, ginger)
Dinner: Liquid meal: shake or soup (vegetable broth)
Snacks: Green juice, 1 cup of almonds, or 1 cup of berries

Milk Thistle: 150mg 1x a day – Standardized Silymarin Extract 30:1, a very good supporter of detoxification in the liver, highly recommended

Key Rules
No Solid Foods: Drink three liquid meals
Add Plant Protein to Shakes: Add at least 14 to 20 grams of plant protein to your shakes throughout the day
Include Healthy Fats: Avoid all nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, potatoes)
Green Juice: Have a green vegetable juice as a snack

Ginger is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory!

Meal Plan
Day 1
Breakfast: Chocolate Coconut Ginger Shake
Lunch: Green Coco Shake
Dinner: Curried Red Lentil Bisque

Day 2
Breakfast: Green Coco Shake
Lunch: Euro Nut Shake
Dinner: Carrot Parsnip Soup

Day 3
Breakfast: Vanilla Almond Shake
Lunch: Grasshopper Shake
Dinner: Pureed White Bean Soup

Source: Clean Gut by Dr. Alejandro Junger

Cleanse #2 for Body Type: Inflamed due to food intolerance

All Vegan cleanse is best for the inflamed body type, because vegetables are full of phyto-nutrients that counter act the inflammatory process. If you experience excess inflammation it could be a sign of food intolerance. Take the opportunity to identify your intolerances and allergies by eliminating the most common causes of inflammation for a week. You’ll be avoiding the foods your body might not be able to tolerate while loading up on anti-inflammatory superfoods.

Clues for this body type/cleanse program:

  1. you eat red meat more than twice per week and/or meat cravings
  2. you have strong sugar cravings
  3. you are constantly under stress
  4. you have dry itchy skin and/or blotchy red skin
  5. you have achy joints and/or joint pain in the morning
  6. cancer runs in your family

The inflamed body type has the internal inflammation system working overtime. The objective is to identify which foods are causing the inflammation and avoid them. Foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, wheat/gluten, and dairy could be the cause of inflammation. Ginger and Turmeric are great to reduce inflammation! Also add Omega 3 vitamins.

Vegan Cleanse


Basic Structure
Length: 7 days

Breakfast: Solid meal
Lunch: Solid meal
Dinner: Solid meal
Snacks: Veggies, 1 cup of almonds or 1 cup of berries

Key Rules
No Animal Products: Avoid all meats, chicken, turkey, fish, dairy and eggs
No Gluten: Avoid wheat products or any other grains that have gluten (oats, spelt, barley, rye)
No Nightshade: Avoid all nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, potatoes)
Maximize Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods: Cook with turmeric and ginger

Eat These Foods
Whole vegetables
Greens and fresh vegetable juices
Nuts, seeds and nut butters
Quinoa and lentils
Fermented foods
Avocado and coconut
Fresh and frozen berries
Whole fruits
Small amounts of caffeine in the form of green tea

Meal Plan
Day 1
Breakfast: Chocolate Mousse
Lunch: Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Bowl
Dinner: Broccoli and “Cheddar” Soup

Day 2
Breakfast: Buckwheat Granola
Lunch: Pureed White Bean Soup
Dinner: Sesame Noodles

Day 3
Breakfast: Zucchini Muffins
Lunch: Mushroom Lasagna
Dinner: Curried Celery Root Salad

Day 4
Breakfast: Almond Pancakes
Lunch: Vegetable Stir-Fry with Quinoa
Dinner: Butternut Squash “Noodles” with Winter Pesto

Day 5
Breakfast: Blueberry Stone-Fruit Crumble
Lunch: Wilted Spinach and Chickpeas
Dinner: Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower with Quinoa

Day 6
Breakfast: Coconut Yogurt Parfait
Lunch: Roasted Winter Squash with Lentils
Dinner: Thai Noodles

Day 7
Breakfast: Hot Breakfast Cereal Bowl
Lunch: Roasted Autumn Vegetables and Rice with Cranberries and Walnuts
Dinner: Carrot Parsnip Soup

Source: Clean Gut by Dr. Alejandro Junger

Cleanse #3 for Body Type: Bloated middle from excess drinking and fatty foods

The Gut Flush cleanse is best for the bloated-middle body type. If you experience midsection bloating, the alcohol, fatty foods and processed sugar in your diet could be to blame. Help your body repair the damage caused by these foods with this five-day cleanse.

Clues for this body type/cleanse program:

  1. you crave salty foods
  2. you carry most of your weight in your middle
  3. you have more than 3 alcoholic beverages a week
  4. you regularly fry your foods when cooking
  5. you eat fast food more than twice a week

This cleanse rests the gut and promotes the growth of good bacteria with anti-oxidants. Uses “Probiotics”, good fats and berries.  Probiotics helps reduce a bloated middle by restoring the good bacteria.

Gut Flush Cleanse


Basic Structure
Length: 5 days

Liquid meal: shake
Lunch: Solid meal
Dinner: Liquid meal: shake or soup
Snacks: Veggies, 1 cup of almonds or 1 cup of berries

Key Rules
No Grains: Avoid wheat, rice, oats, barley, quinoa and all other grains
No Processed Food: Avoid white sugar, brown sugar, Splenda®, Equal®, and agave
Avoid Alcohol: Avoid all types of alcohol
Focus on Probiotics: Take a multi-spectrum probiotic (50 billion count) once a day

Eat These Foods
Whole vegetables
Greens and fresh vegetable juices
Sweet potatoes and yams
Wild fish, grass-fed meats and eggs
Fermented foods
Nuts, seeds and nut butters
Avocado and coconut
Fresh and frozen berries
Whole fruits
Small amounts of caffeine in the form of green tea

Meal Plan
Day 1
Breakfast: Grasshopper Shake
Lunch: Lamb Tacos
Dinner: Cucumber Dill Bisque with Hard Boiled Eggs

Day 2
Breakfast: Green Coco Shake
Lunch: Amazing Green Salad with Black Olives, Avocado and Almonds
Dinner: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

Day 3
Breakfast: Vanilla Almond Shake
Lunch: Thai Chicken Salad
Dinner: Carrot Parsnip Soup

Day 4
Breakfast: Chocolate Ginger Shake
Lunch: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup
Dinner: Acorn Wedges with Asian Broccoli Salad

Day 5
Breakfast: Purple Shake
Lunch: Local Vegetable Frittata
Dinner: Euro Nut Shake

Source: Clean Gut by Dr. Alejandro Junger

Actually, a lot of Dr. Junger said, and created, is complimented and covered by a good Paleo diet…protein, nuts, seeds, berries, coconut oil, almond milk, almond butter.

But there’s lots of great detox programs out there if you want one!

Check out this “kidney detox” site by FitLifeTV…

Check out this Internet marketing video for Keybiotics. It’s long, but it makes a good case for adding probiotics to your diet, and for eliminating refined sugar.


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