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Add comments here pertaining to diet & food ideas. Also, check out the “Detox” page, if you need a kick-start to your diet plan.

This year I combined several great nutrition concepts that greatly reduced body fat…and I’ve kept it going. All concepts, when combined, will generate accelerated results.

If you are working out hard, and want to gain muscle, then plan on taking around 1-1.5 grams of protein each day for each pound of body-weight. That’s a lot, so you’ll need to eat a lot of food, and probably supplement with several protein shakes throughout the day.  I especially like rotisserie chicken, eggs and fish…lean and clean!
Eggs are the most pure form of protein…crack 5 at a time in your omlet.

Besides adding-in lots of lean protein, here’s some other diet tips I’ve learned:

  1. eliminate (or greatly reduce) dairy
  2. try vegetable juicing (beet juice is great!)
  3. reduce bad carbs (sugar) …but it’s ok to add carbs if you are doing heavy-lifting each day
  4. drink a shot of apple (or pomegranate) cider vinegar each morning (or at least a glass of ice cold lemon water)
  5. Switch-out white potatoes for sweet potatoes/yams
  6. add lots of coconut oil and olive oil (but don’t cook with olive oil, it turns to trans-fat)
  7. avocados have the good fat you need
  8. the peanut is not a nut…it’s a bean, so don’t eat too many…almonds and walnuts are better (try Almond Butter!)
  9. try the Paleo diet! (protein, veggies, nuts, seeds, berries…no processed foods)


If you accomplish half of these…juicing, eliminate dairy/bad carbs/starches (sugar, bread and potatoes), you will get lean fast, guaranteed! Add plenty of good food (good fats/vegetables and protein) in the diet plan too.  Reduce and eliminate foods that spike your insulin (bad carbs, starches & sugar) …increased insulin will result in fat storage…and that’s bad for you.  Drink lots of water!!

Check out this great Juicing site by Drew:  &  Drew has a lot of good info on how to use vegetable juicing to maintain good health, especially the kidneys. Here’s a great post dedicated to detoxing the kidneys  Good stuff.

Here’s another great food & healthy living site I like…
Check out Facebook page…it’s loaded with great stuff:
Here’s a great article by Dr. Mark Smith on the MindBodyGreen site, on 10 reasons you are not losing weight

Dr. Oz also recommends eggs (with a yolk each day) and Probiotics (healthy bacteria) for good digestion (here’s a good video on probiotics, and a product called KeyBiotics Take a multi-vitamin, fish oil and alpha lipolic acid (anti-oxidant to reduce internal inflammation around vital organs) every day. CoQ10, extra vitamin C and B-complex are also highly recommended (see Vitamin page). Also, I just learned last night that olive oil is good for the external skin/face because it has fatty acids. (Btw, don’t cook with olive oil because it turns into bad transfats … use coconut oil for cooking). And keep reading and talking to people about health and fitness…I learn something new everyday!

OC Fit Body Bootcamp logo

Steve at OC FitBody Bootcamp (Irvine, California) has some great nutrition/supplement information on his OC Fit Body Boot Camp Blog. And Steve recommends the Paleo diet! (Paleo is also big in the CrossFit world). Read all about it at Paleo Plan, one of my favorite sites…  If you want to know more about Paleo diet and boot camp, and you are in the SoCal/Irvine area, talk with Steve at FitBody Boot Camp.

There’s a great app called “Fooducate” It’s got lots of food product information, links to great food & nutrition blogs, plus a bar code scanner and a calorie tracker. There’s a free version, and a paid version with no advertising. Get it in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.  Get Fooducated!

Julie at the Flexi Foodie suggests these 7 cancer-fighting foods:

  1. Berries
  2. Garlic
  3. Kale
  4. Spinach
  5. Broccoli Sprouts
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Turmeric (curcumin…Dr Oz also highly recommends!)

Also remember…cut out the sugar, dairy and alcohol!

…and try to reduce stress-level, too. Stress will also increase insulin levels in the body, and that will also create fat storage.

You can have one “cheat day” per week and eat anything you want without too much trouble…but don’t go crazy…just have one or two comfort foods.


10 thoughts on “Diet & Food

  1. Dr. Oz recommends swapping saturated fats for monounsaturated fats. Get rid of cheese, a saturated fat, and replace with “odd numbered Omegas” foods … the Omega 3, 5, 7, 9.
    Omega 3 Avocado, Walnut oil
    Omega 5 pomegranate
    Omega 7 Macadamia nuts; anchovies
    Omega 9 Olive oil (also a great fatty acid for the face)

    Switching from saturated to monounsaturated results in life expectancy improvement of 2.5yrs on the real life scale, according to Dr. Oz.

    Dr. Oz also says Walnut oil is great because if has Omega 3, and that keeps the brain healthy. Use instead of olive oil.

    Artichoke extract (6ml 3x/day) helps the liver remove toxins, is an anti-aging food and helps repair the liver.

  2. Eat 3 servings of healthy snacks per day, and one of them needs to be a handful of nuts. Reasons: don’t be hungry/starving; nuts are healthy and suppresses appetite. A daily serving of nuts extend life expectancy by 20%.

    Eat high volume, low calorie foods: air-popped popcorn, grapes (frozen or not), watermelon, pickles, celery

    Protein keeps us from being hungry…eat more protein…double-up!

  3. Dr. Oz says find and eat the “super-foods”!
    Yams, Oatmeal, Bananas, Salmon. Check out Dr. for more info on superfoods.
    There are actually 5 superfoods that may help reduce the impact carbohydrates are having in your body.

    Here’s some more on superfoods:

    Wheatgrass – One serving of is loaded with anti-oxidants. Antioxidants fight the free radicals that increase blood sugar caused by carbohydrates
    Carrots- This vegetable is an excellent source of vitaminA . The nutrient is essential helping you maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.
    Broccoli -This salad favourite is great for digestion.
    Spirulina This natural, sea dwelling plant contains vitamins C and E, which help good bacteria in your stomach break down high GI carbohydrate foods.
    Spinach Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin C, which the body needs to manufacture sebum. Sebum is the body’s natural carbohydrate fighter.

  4. Steve at OC Fit Body Bootcamp contributes this:

    Purdue University just did a study about diet
    soda with some pretty shocking results.

    Turns out diet soda may be way worse
    then you may have thought.

    And just recently, I’ve seen two stories on the TV indicating the caramel color in soda and many other foods might contribute to cancer. Dr Oz did a segment on it today on Jan 24, 2014, based on a recent Consumer Reports finding, and a PhD from Consumer Reports was on his show talking about it. Check out Dr. Oz show/website for more information.

    I just thought you should be informed.

    See full article here.

    Be better than yesterday!


  5. Here’s my meal plan:
    -Egg pancakes: 2 whole eggs, 3/4 cup pure egg whites, 1/4 oatmeal, cinnamon (although I eliminate Oatmeal when I’m going strictly Paleo-diet or if I didn’t work out prior to breakfast); blend in the Nutribullet or blender, and cook in a small frying pan to make the egg cakes (or scramble them); sprinkle with a little more cinnamon and some honey and eat…delicious!
    -low-sugar Greek yogurt
    -a little coffee (with a little creamer)…sometimes

    -juice, no pulp (beet/carrot/apple/cucumber/ginger/lemon…good!)
    -1 apple

    -juice, using pulp from morning juice, add protein powder, walnuts, blueberries, spinach (I make both juices in the morning, and then add ice to the “afternoon” bottle to keep it cold)
    -peanut butter & jelly sandwich (sometimes)
    -any protein dish
    -any vegetable

    -handful of almonds or walnuts
    -apple or vegetable (carrots, or something easy)

    -protein dish (mostly chicken and fish, rarely red meat)
    -sweet potato or yam
    -vegetable (i like cauliflower & squash, steamed or raw with olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
    (I also like spaghetti squash…cut it in half, cover both sides in saran wrap, cook in the microwave for about 35 minutes, scrape out the insides (it will look like strands of spaghetti), pour on your favorite low-sugar spaghetti sauce, and serve…delicious!

    -I make a “zero-calorie” chocolate shake that’s awesome. The recipe came from Steve Hochman at OCFitBody Bootcamp. Mix in your NutriBlender: unsweetened coco, tblspoon of Stevia no-cal sugar additive, tblspoon of coconut flour, ice, water and/or almond milk, and a scoop of chocolate protein powder…good!). If you are taking supplements such as glutamine and creatine, throw in a scoop of that too. It’s fantastic!

    Sidebar suggestions:
    -Paleo diet highly recommended (nuts, seed, berries, protein)
    -Stay away from soy
    -I stay away from soft fruits (such as bananas…too much sugar), but I made an exception for the recent “bee pollen energy drink” I posted. Eat an apple after workout.
    -Cook with coconut oil (not olive oil because it turns to transfat during the heating process…bad! See the post on “what to do about oils” for more information and links)
    -It’s ok to eat late in evening or late at night as long as it’s protein (recommended), to keep the metabolism working longer into the night, or good carbs or no calorie foods
    -avoid sugar (it’s everywhere!), and it blocks the muscle building process by raising insulin levels (I have posted lots of great information regarding lowering insulin levels).
    -eliminate dairy products (milk has lots of sugar!), and cheese has bad fats
    -low sugar Greek yogurt is ok, but watch out for the hidden sugar in some brands (Fooducate just exposed some false-advertising with Chobani’s Greek Yogurt, and many others are worse)
    -Add “Probiotics” to your diet to help with digestion

  6. Steve at FitBody Bootcamp recently sent out an email regarding insulin…

    Most people start their day off with
    a giant insulin spike (unknowingly)

    When your blood sugar goes up fast
    your body produces insulin which
    makes you store fat.

    In fact, insulin is the BIGGEST factor
    when it comes to storing fat.

    Having most cereals, yogurts, fake
    flavored oatmeal and sugary coffee
    gives you a fat storing insulin spike.

    So here are a few ideas for breakfast.

    If you’re not in a hurry, have scrambled egg
    whites and two pieces of paleo toast.

    (You can add salsa and avacado to the eggs)

    If you’re in a huge rush, have hard boiled eggs
    or when you make paleo bread, add blue berries
    and walnuts and now you have a protein
    breakfast bread.

    See recipe here (just add berries
    and walnuts)

    For coffee….

    Try some unsweetened vanilla almond
    or almond milk with a few drops of organic
    liquid Stevia extract. Mixing coconut oil into the
    coffee is good too (and coconut oil is good on
    everything…supposedly it helps prevent Alzheimer’s also).

    Avoid storing fat first thing in the morning,
    it can make all the difference in the world
    when it comes to getting lean and mean.


  7. I started juicing three years ago, and it’s made a big difference in my bodyfat and energy levels. Prior to buying/selecting my juicer, I did a lot of research on types of juicers, superfoods for juicing, recipes, cleaning issues, etc. There’s a lot to consider…types, amount of juice squeezed out (some are better than others), pulp or no pulp, noise-level, heat produced (heat kills nutrients, so they say), and ease of clean-up (very important!).

    My juicer of choice: the NutriBullet…easy to clean, powerful, fast, quiet, less expensive, pulverizes ingredients. Not a pure juicer; does not extract pulp from juice. I replaced my daily lunches with a tasty vegetable & fruit juice mix, and I dropped 5 pounds almost immediately in the first month. I like it. Check it out…
    And here’s another great “juicing” primer…

    After 9 months of juicing with the NutriBullet, I added the Brevel “no pulp” juicer to my program.
    I like the Brevel for extracting pure juice from beets, carrots, apples, cucumber, lemon, ginger…so good!

    Some people throw away the pulp, but I save it and put the remainder in my NutriBullet for an extra good lean meal later in the day. If you have both types of juicers, try blending the remaining pulp from the Brevel and then adding spinach, walnuts, chia seeds, flax, blueberries with protein powder (I like chocolate) into the mix with the NutriBullet.

    I drink the pure juice in the morning and I do the protein/pulp drink for lunch. Try to do a 3:1 ratio of vegetables to fruit. Experiment with recipe combinations. Go to Nékter Juice Bar and watch how they make their juice to get some good ideas. They make a great ‘green’ juice. Enjoy!

    • Check out my other favorite juicing sites (see links page & blogs I follow) by Julie Montagu the “Flexi Foodie”, Kimberly Snyder “Glow Bio” , for more great juicing ideas. Highly recommended.

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