I have a new favorite Spin studio!  Bike2theBeatbike2beat_logo-4

If you need an alternative to Bootcamp or other high-intensity training routine, and you like to spin, give Bike2theBeat a try. If you are not in the Newport Beach area, sorry!

I can’t say enough good things about Bike2theBeat!! I found out about it from another happy spinner, so I decided to try a few sessions. Right away, I knew it was different from any other spin studio I’ve been to…the instructors are awesome, the music is great, the riding style is innovative…and the 60 minute workout goes by fast, because it is so fun.

I’m not a hard-core spinner (adding it in only during summer), but I’ve done most all the popular work out routines (Crossfit, bootcamp, yoga/hot yoga/hot yoga-sculpt, Orange Theory, Bodypump, Insanity, P90X), and B2TB is one of the best spin programs, especially if you need/want a lot of cardio & high-intensity training in a classroom/group session environment, and you need something different to compliment bootcamp. You will definitely burn the fat, build some muscle (mostly legs and booty), and you can make it as hard as you want. I was sore in new places after the first workout, and I’m still sore…feels great!

Mindy (the owner), is one of the best spin instructors I’ve ever seen…she is super-motivational and inspirational, dedicated, and runs a very efficient and clean studio. All the instructors are great, and I highly recommend trying as many as possible until you find your favorite. Mindy also does a stationary “sculpt” class with light weights and resistance training that compares with some bodypump, step and bootcamp routines that I’ve done…you can get a full-body workout and “sculpt to the beat” too. The spinning and the sculpting are a nice compliment to each other…and if you are a hard-core workout fanatic, try them back-to-back…it might be all you need in a gym membership. Just make an online reservation for your favorite class/instructor/time slot (or get on the wait list and show up anyway, there’s a good chance you’ll get in). Bring a water bottle, rent your shoes if you don’t have the required type with clips, and start the workout. The studio is cozy and the music is loud…the spin room has just enough room for the 22 spin bikes, and it’s painted black with lots of laser and black lighting, to make it even more exciting and high-energy. The waiting and changing rooms might be crowded during class transitions, but there’s always room for one more, and the staff is very helpful and accommodating, and only 30% of my class sessions were completely maxed-out.

(a note about the Bike2thBeat riding style: it’s “out of the saddle” with emphasis on the up-stroke. If you are a hard-core, long-time, traditional rider, you might not like the style, as it is different than what you are probably used to and/or expect…you won’t be sitting down, except for periodic breaks & cool-downs, and you “pull up” on the pedals instead of pushing down. I like it, because my butt and my feet don’t get sore like on a traditional spin bike. It’s better, in my opinion…plus, biking to a pumping beat is more fun, especially when everybody is in rhythm. It took a little practice to match the beat and the stride of the instructors and experienced riders, but no worries, everybody is supportive, understanding and helpful)

I highly recommend Bike2theBeat if you can work it into your workout routine!

(in Newport Beach, near John Wayne Airport and Hogue Barmichaels, on Campus & Quail St, with a new location coming soon in Tustin Marketplace). 


2030 Quail St
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Here’s a couple YouTube posts:

News story/promo & studio tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGrvuMbZDno

Video by the Healthy Hungarian, when she visited to Bike2theBeat:


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Awesome trainer Mindy

Awesome trainer Mindy




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