In addition to all the bootcamps, spin classes and high-intensity workouts, I enjoy yoga… regular, hot, hot with weights…and now yoga with cardio!

I added yoga to my workout routine a couple of years ago, and it has greatly improved my flexibility, muscle recovery and mental awareness. Yoga is great for the mind, body and spirit, and I feel that it adds perspective and balance in life. So much can be obtained from just one or two yoga classes per week. I highly recommend it…whatever level and temperature you like!

Here’s my favorites…

Triad Yoga

I’m trying out Triad Yoga in Irvine/Newport Beach near John Wayne Airport, for both Pilates and Yoga.




I just learned about MixxYoga! It’s a great little yoga studio in Newport Beach with a modern twist on yoga…adding cardio! So, I signed up and jumped in for the free week to try it out. MixxYoga combines the best of yoga with a good cardio workout. It’s more active than slow-paced regular yoga, but not as intense as bootcamp or P90X Plyometrics…it’s a nice in-between, and worth a try if you need a change of pace or you are recovering from minor injuries (they have a “restorative” class for that). There’s a level for everyone at MixxYoga, from beginner ‘Gentle” yoga to advanced “Mixx Challenge”, and you will definitely work up a sweat in Jade’s class.



Mitra, Jade & Sahara…great instructors!

Check it out:


Hot Yoga
I enjoy hot yoga, especially with weights. Be warned, it’s hot!…around 104 degrees, so if you can stand the heat, I highly recommend it as alternative way to sweat-out a workout! Be prepared with plenty of ice water, absorbent yoga mat and towels.  

My favorite hot yoga studios are Radiant Hot Yoga and CorePower. They both practice a “non-Bikram” style of hot yoga “flow” that is very challenging, yet enjoyable.  

Check them out at:

Radiant logo 




Perspire Sauna Studio (formerly SuiteSweat) in Costa Mesa CA


$49 for a intro week pass.




2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. I just watched a great video clip on “down & up dog” for working the abs. Keep your arms straight and don’t move them as you bend up and down. To work the abs, keep your heels pointed directly towards the ceiling and don’t rock them in and out. Your butt and torso are the only body parts that goes up and down, and that really works the abs and core. Enjoy!

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